Friday, November 04, 2011

Video Stock Footage Libraries.

I've just signed up for a free trial at videoblocks. I'm pretty impressed so far and on the free trial you can download 20 pieces of video a day. There are some really nice worship friendly ones in there too. Worth checking out and you can view the clips without buying them.

The other footage library I've been using lately has been showfootage. I got a voucher for some free videos from them when I bought the latest version of Arkaos. Per clip these are quite dear though at $11.99 for a single sale, but if you scout round and like them enough, you can get 75 clips for $1.49 each ($111.75,which at the time of writing translates as £70 which isn't too bad for a whole library load of stuff). Again you can view the clips before you decide whether its worthwhile or not.