Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new Transfiguration Hymn

I'm going to sing this to Paul's stunning 'O little Town of Bethlehem" remix, but it should fit any 8686.
The usual rules apply. Feel free to use and tweak if necessary in a worship situation.

Transfigured Christ. Your presence here
Makes faith and sight combine.
Through incandescent clouds of white
God’s blazing Son, You shine.
Now to our feeble human minds
You’re veiled but not concealed
We see in You the Father’s face
The heart of God revealed.

We partly know, and dimly see,
As through a mirror’s gaze.
And yet Your words can make a world
And set our lives ablaze.
Our hearts are tinder dry and cold
We walk through sorrow’s night
And yet within our darkest hours
You say “let there be light”.

Transfigured Christ. We cannot stay
Upon the mountain peak
When evil screams and claws the earth
You call us “Go and speak.”
Come plant your footsteps in our world
And help us follow too.
To offer healing in Your name.
To all who cry for You.

Sue Wallace 2011
(inspired by John G Whittier’s
“O love O life”)

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