Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Slow Wait

From time to time I watch CSI (all 3 of them), despite the fact that they are often a bit gory and depressing. Usually I half watch them, and am doing something on the laptop at the same time (thus missing the gore and keeping the storyline :-) But anyway, that's beside the point. The point is, while they are in the lab doing tests on something or other, they play some brilliant pieces of music. Last night was one of those occasions. And so I quickly looked on one of those sites that lists the pieces of music played, and discovered that the very nice piece of ambient music they were playing was called "The Slow Wait, Pt 1 by The American Dollar, from the album A memory stream. Its one of those still, blissful pieces that you could chant over, or just enjoy for its own sake.

While I'm at it, another artist I discovered recently (I think it was via itunes genius application) was M83. I particularly like "my own strange path", "Strong and Wasted" and "Sister, pt 1" but i haven't reall got around to listening to any of the other tracks yet.

Stop press: I've just been listening to a few other tracks by The American Dollar, and they are definitely worth checking out. So far I've also bought War on Christmas, Call, Anything you Synthesize, Signalling through the flames and DEA, and while I was at it I was recommeded "Dust Breeding" by Stars of the Lid (a 9 minute very ambient piece) and A City Lost by My Majestic Star.

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