Friday, March 19, 2010


You're probably really going to hate this idea, but I'm going to mention it anyway!

I was after a song about perfume, (as the gospel reading is about the woman anointing Jesus with perfume) and I really couldn't find one, which was annoying me a bit. Then reluctantly I wondered if there was anything at all I could do with "may the fragrance of Jesus fill this place". So I stuck it on top of "A letter from home" by Ulrich Schnauss and realised that it fitted beautifully and the reharmonisation stripped out the slightly twee feeling that the song had before for me. We are however, NOT having the men singing the first line and the women following meekly after, because that implies that women can't be worship leaders, which is extra bad in this particular context, because there is Mary of Bethany cheerfully pointing the way forward for the whole church in worship with the aid of a perfume bottle. Instead it will be LHS and RHS.

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At 8:46 pm, Blogger Andii said...

It may be useful for readers to know that there seems to be a link to the 'tune', and yes; I could hear how it might work in principle. Thanks Sue.

At 1:42 pm, Blogger Sue said...

After trying it out last night I can say tho that it is a bit high for our lot. I know you can push a congregation up to an E but they don't like it and can't usually manage it unless they are standing. Pitch shifting it down a bit helps immensely tho!

At 9:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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