Thursday, September 03, 2009

Psalm 119 words

As I've probably mentioned more than once, I'm quite into singing psalms over groovy dance tracks at the moment. (current favourites being Cosmotherapy by Dream Lab, Smokebelch by Sabres of Paradise, and a number of things by Coldplay (OK they dont' really count as dance, but they do have repeating riffs which are rather trance-like).

Anyway so the punters don't get too confused at having to squeeze the words into the tune, here is a simplified version of Psalm 119 (verses 153-160, and verses 169-176).

You may ask "why on earth would you bother singing psalms these days? Isn't that really un-cool?".
Well, the thing is, you sing em and you remember them, and then the words come back when you're stuck in a hole and you really really need them!

Anyway here it is....

Psa 119 v153-160, 169-176

Think of my problems and save me.
For I remember your law

Argue my case and redeem me
As you have promised give life.

Heaven is far from the wicked
For they do not seek your law

For your compassion is great Lord.
Scan me and give me Your life.

Many are there that oppress me
Yet I don't swerve from Your words.

When I see traitors it grieves me
For they do not keep your word

Lord how I love Your commandments
Love me and give me Your life

Your words all add up to truth Lord
Your judgements last ever more.

Let my cry come before you Lord,
Help me understand Your words

Let the cries of my heart reach You
Save me as you promised me

My lips they will pour out Your praises.
When you have taught me Your laws.

My tongue it will sing of your word,
All your commandments are right.

Let your hand reach out to help me.
For I have chosen your laws.

I have longed for Your salvation
And your law is my delight

Let me soul live, it shall praise You.
Your judgements will be my help

I went astray like a lost sheep.
Look for me, I won't forget.

Glory be to God the Father
Glory be to God the Son.
Glory be to God the Spirit
While all eternity runs. (X3)

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