Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wedding Songs - a challenge.

Last year the curates in our diocese were chatting about weddings and how difficult people find it to pick songs that their guests will know. They were commenting that it seems to get harder each year, as the repertoire of common songs suitable for singing in a service gets smaller and smaller. Then someone mentioned carols. At least people still know carols. "Someone should write some lyrics to carol tunes" they said. As I'm one to rise to such a challenge I thought "Must get around to doing just that!" Recently I was reminded of this conversation, because a friend was getting married, was trying to choose some songs and was giggling at some of the choices that were suggested to them. This (and the fact that we are surrounded by carols at the moment) spurred me into action.

Please feel free to copy, distribute and use in a worship situation....

To the tune of "Once in Royal David's city"

This song is based on St Paul's famous letter about love, (1 Corinthians chapter 13)

It can be sung to the tune of once in royal.

If I speak in tongues of angels
Yes possess a loveless heart
I am like a crashing cymbal
Hollow words of abstract art.
Holy Spirit, fill our lives
With the love that unifies.

love is patient, full of kindness,
Lacking rudeness,envy, pride.
Love does not keep score of insults
Slow to anger, truth applied.
Holy Spirit, fill our lives
With the love that unifies.

Prophesy will have its ending
Gifts of languages will cease
Knowledge passes when the print fades
Faith, hope, love, will be released.
Holy Spirit, fill our lives.
With the love that unifies.

As a child my reasoning was childish,
Now my toys are packed away.
Now we see a poor reflection.
Then we shall see face to face.
Holy Spirit, fill our lives
With the love that unifies.

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