Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Psalm 26

OK I've given this psalm the same treatment so that it scans (all apart from one world, altar, which I really really wanted to keep in!). We sang this one over the top of the original mix of sunstroke by Chicane.

Clear me in court O my God,
For I make justice my path.

For I have trusted in God
I haven’t flagged in my trust

Test me my God, test and try me,
Probe through my heart and my mind.

For your love is ever with me,
Guiding me into your truth.

I do not sit with deceivers,
Nor make plans with hypocrites.

I hate it when bad types gather
And don’t sit with wicked fools.

Innocently I wash my hands
So will I go round your altar.

Crying aloud all Your praises,
Proclaiming Your wondrous deeds.

I love the house where You live Lord,
The place where Your glory shines.

Don’t sweep me off with the sinners,
My life with the violent ones.

Whose hands are wickedly scheming
Whose right hands are full of bribes

Me, I will walk with the blameless
Save me, have mercy on me.

My feet stand on level ground,
In the crowds I’ll bless the Lord.

Glory be to God the Father,

Glory be to God the Son,

Glory be to God the Spirit,
While all eternity runs.

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Monday, October 05, 2009

A Multi-Sensory Poem

A while back I did a day at St Bede's centre, which does quiet days and all sorts of cool Christian spirituality stuff. Anyway a while after the session Ann Pugh wrote a poem about it. No-one has ever written a poem about anything I did before, so I asked her if I could put it up here as I think its rather wonderful.

So here it is...

quiet waiting, slowly breathing,
Listening, hearing, mind unbound.
Musical notes and melodies weaving
Necklaced beads of coloured sound.

Hands enfolding, holding, feeling.
Throwing, giving and receiving,
Writing and drawing signs in lines,
Or washing and healing of painful wounds.

Rhythmic instrumental playing,
Joy in stories, learning songs,.
Colourful images reminding
To share and care in hopeful prayer
Along with others where all belong.

Touch of stones with different textures,
Sculpted rough, eroded smooth,
Rolled by rivers, seas and oceans
Could build paths or walls secure.

Candles lit on water floating,
Shimmer, rupple, relfect the light/
Creating movement, then a stillness
For wonder, thankfulness and delight.

Ann Pugh - inspired by a Sue Wallace workshop.