Tuesday, January 20, 2009


At the Fresh Expressions pilgrimage day in Coventry Carl brought some blue LED lights and wrapped them around the altar, under layers of netting. They looked brilliant, but I must admit I thought the 60 pound price tag was a little steep, even if you did get 480 lights for that price. I did make a mental note to check out the sales and see if they had gone down in price tho!

I was a little late getting to the sales though. I only made it into the shops last week, but actually I was glad I'd left it so late, as the lights I wanted had been reduced to 30, then 20, then 10. So if you're around B and Q it might be worth seeing if there are any left. Changing the lighting is such an easy way to make a space new and wonderful. Some of my best buys were the LED par cans I bought (which were around 40 pounds each). They look great when pointed at twiddly stonework and just add so much atmosphere (and can be plugged in in a couple of seconds).

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