Thursday, March 27, 2008

More ambience and electronica

I quite often listen to "Groove Salad" internet radio when I've got writing to do. Malcolm does too, but lately he has got bored of the track listings (probably cos we use so many of them in services I suspect!) Anyway he has started listening to which is another internet radio station, which has some very nice ambient and electronica on it.

Anyway yesterday they were playing some reallly nice stuff my Mikael Fyrek, so, as usual I scribbled down the track name and did a websearch on it. Its always nice to find that the thing you were looking for is being given away for free by the artist.
Mikael Fyrek on Myspace.
The album - In riots of colour they spin

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Jesu Grant me this I Pray (the Good Friday mix).

Once again, it occurs to me that posting some lyrics might come in handy for someone, sometime.
We've remixed Jesu Grant me this I pray a couple of times, but this version was designed for a Good Friday service.

Jesu grant me this I pray.
Ever in Your heart to stay
Let me evermore abide
Hidden in your wounded side
Hidden in your wounded side

In Your tortured agony
You bring us eternity
Crushing evil, hate and pride
Showing us Your wounded side.
Showing us Your wounded side.

Crucified on Calvary’s hill
Let me love You deeper still.
Bring me home, yes be my guide.
To Your heart and wounded side.
To Your heart and wounded side.

Longing for Your paradise
Coming when the timing’s right
Sweet surroundings You provide
In Your heart and wounded side.
In Your heart and wounded side.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

O sacred head (Sues words)

Yonks back I remixed O sacred head.
It occurs to me that this week is a good time to repost the lyrics. So here we are.
It starts fairly standard and then in verse 2 goes a bit different....
Free free to swipe.

And click on the link if you want to hear my version.
(its down at the bottom of the page once you get there so you'll have to scroll for a bit)

O sacred head surrounded
by crown of piercing thorns
O royal head so wounded
The object of our scorn
Deaths shadows rise before you
The glow of life decays
Yet angel choirs adore you
And tremble as they gaze

You saw our human sorrows
Abuse and pain and war,
And all our deadliest horrors
The hate lodged at our core.
I bow to You our mender,
For healing our disgrace.
For loving us like no other
To save the human race.

Your beauty, health and vigour
Are crushed, Your strength is gone
And in your tortured figure
I see death coming on,
In agony and dying
You bled to make us free
We long for transformation
Christ turn your face to me

What language shall I borrow
To thank you dearest friend
For all your tortured sorrow
Compassion without end!
Christ make me yours forever
And when at last I die
Embrace me then and show me
Yourself, Your love, Your life.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Liturgical Recipes

I was trying to write a talk for Palm Sunday today, and while researching a completely un-related piece of information, I discovered liturgical recipes! Apparently the thing to eat this Sunday is porrdige made of peas....and have some figs for dessert.
So now ya know!
Catholic Culture recipe site.
Some of the recipes look intriguing though.

II had curry tonight. Which probably wasn't liturgical at all (apart from being vegan which curries often are in our house). But it did taste very nice.