Friday, December 26, 2008

Hello Waveforms (and Bono)

I bought some more William Orbit today, via a kind of roundabout route.

While everyone else is arguing about whether they like Alexandra Burke, Jeff Buckley or Cohen's orginal Hallelujah's I accidentally stumbled across Bono's version (which I discovered because some journalist was slagging it off somewhere!) While he slagged it off, he posted the link to the Youtube file and I decided I liked it better than all the others (so there!).

The reason I like it is that it isn't trying to be a cover, its trying to do something different with it, to pay homage to the original rather than blindly copy it. Anyway I couldn't find it on the itunes store, and so had to get it on Amazon (on an album called "Tower of Song" which has some other tributes which may also be interesting). And because I could get free delivery if I also bought some other music, I decided to check out Hello Waveforms by Willliam Orbit. You can hear the preview on, and its very lovely. He has returned to an updated version of his Strange Cargo style, and there are loads of tracks that I'd be very happy to use to back prayers and things. Its just lovely blissful chillout (although there are lyrics on some of the tracks so you can't use them all). I was surprised to hear him use Autotune on his vocalist's voice though. I thought he'd be averse to that sort of thing! Anyway check out "Hello Waveforms", you might like it!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Morphing Jesus

So many people recently have commented on how powerful they have found the morphing images of Christ. Here is the link to Jonny Baker's blog posting about it.

Here is the file itself

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Jeff Cardoni

I've just been watching CSI Miami and I was struck by the music that they were playing as Alex leaves. Sometimes a track sticks out as being something special and it made my ears prick up. So I did a bit of searching around and discovered that the track was specially written by Jeff Cardoni, who has written quite a bit of music for CSI and other series. He has his own website ( and you can hear the piece "Farewell to Alex" on there. But he also has quite a few pieces available on the itunes store too.



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