Thursday, July 31, 2008

Transfiguration Hymn.

Ok so it looks suspiciously like my Epiphany Hymn, but I tweaked it for the feast of the Transfiguration. Feel free to use if you wish. (the tune is "I vow to thee my country").

O Christ, You came from Heaven to Earth,
Infinity made small
Revealing Heaven's surprising plans,
You show God's face to all.
We offer You our gold,
That is we crown You as our king.
The incense of our worship, A fragrant offering.
And with myrrh we'll touch the wounded ones
With precious healing balm
Be your eyes and ears and healing hands
To comfort those who mourn.

We have looked for love and seen its face,
Within a loveless world,
And to those who hope for happiness
Your glory is revealed
For we saw Your face while searching,
And Your love grew in our lives
And we know tranfiguration
As clarity arrives.
Even now You guide the travellers,
Through dangerous dark lands.
Till the day we reach our Heavenly home
Held safe within Your hands

Christ You dived into our water
and you made our water pure
And You lived within our tangled lives
and made them so much more
For the hand of God has touched us,
Bringing Christ into this place
And there's hope for each culture,
Each nation, every race
For the Christ-Child grew
and showed us
The true face of the Divine
For we simply lived on water
Yet you turned it into wine.

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