Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Five things

Malcolm from Dream has tagged me, with the "Five things you probably didn't know about me" tag. (just as I was enjoying everyone else's secret's :-) So here we go.

1 - I'm allergic to washing up! (honestly!) I think as allergies go its quite a good one actually as its gets me out of doing the washing up if I go out. If I dip my fingers in Fariy Liquid they go all spotty and itchy. (its allergic eczema basically). The downside is that people who know me well enough throw a pair of rubber gloves in my direction and the excuse is over!

2 - My dad tells me (although I really don't remember it now) that when I was very small (2 or 3) I could recite every part in a television set including all the fiddly bits, the Cathode Ray Tube and wotnot. ( I wish I had a sample of me trying to say "cathode ray tube" at the age of 2, that'd have made a great techno track!) Anyway my dad blames himself for me getting into multimedia worship, as he used to repair TVs when I was a kid (and I used to watch).

3 - I can read Arabic letters (or at least most of them) but can't understand the words when I've done so. It comes from living in North Africa for a bit when I was 16 and having a go at reading the cornflake packets and shop signs and visiting the gulf when I was at university. (On both occasions my parents were working there and I simply tagged along for the ride). Anyway I've decided that this is a bit silly, not knowing any "proper" Arabic, so I have signed up for level 1 at the university and can now say thrilling phrases such as "that is a banana" and "my brother is called David" (actually he's my brother in law but we haven't learnt the arabic for "in law" yet). Anyway we're getting there slowly (after all, it is quite a hard language to learn to write) and we are having lots of fun in the process!

4 - When I was 4 I wanted to be a nun, and when I was 8 I wanted to be a computer programmer. So instead I became a Rev and married a computer programmer!

5 -When I was 14 I won a prize in the post office letter writing competition which was entitled " a letter to someone from another planet".I won a set of stamps and a gold plated pen and pencil set and a bit of money. My school won some money too, which meant that the year after they made everyone in the school enter! (LOL) I also wrote a book, which was really rubbish, (I think it had "suddenly" in practically every sentence) but my mum "suddenly" said you had to send in a typed manuscript to publishers for them to consider it, so at least by the time I'd typed it all up I had "suddenly" learnt how to type properly (with all ten fingers!)