Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jon Hopkins

I've just discovered Jon Hopkins music. Its beautiful blissful stuff that you can stick on in the background, and simply pray over.
He's on the itunes store if you want to listen to samples. I've bought the album Opalescent and the track Second Sense which mixes Imogen Heap singing Spem in Alium with blissful synth pads.'Can't wait to play that one in the Minster Crypt, its going to be spine tingling!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dawn of the remote

I've just treated myself to a slide changer for the computer. I think its one of those "why on earth didn't I get one earlier?" ideas.
(actually I think the reason I never got one before was I thought that they were really expensive, at least £50 or something).

My remote works with Mac and PC Powerpoint and Keynote (which is what I use) and means that I can sit myself on a beanbag anywhere i like and change the slides, or give a talk without having to worry about where my computer is sitting in relation to me. So simple, yet so efficient. It has two bits, the inner bit (which initially looks like a tongue sticking out)
pulls out and then looks like a USB pendrive. That goes into the USB slot. The other bit sits somewhere near you and you just click it and the slide changes. No wires, no mess, just nice slide changes whenever you like. Yay!

When I first bought it I had a brief "why isn't this working" moment, and then realised, I'd forgotten to put the battery in. It was hiding in another part of the packaging (oops).

Oh by the way, the one I got was called the Interlink Presentation Pilot Pro Remote and cost 23.49. Not too bad at all really!