Saturday, March 11, 2006

Create Your Own Desert!

This is a prayer idea that I came up with the other week for the beginning of Lent. I quite liked it, so I'm sharing it with you.
You will need:
Some sandpaper (we cut up big sheets into 6 pieces that you could write on the back of and roll up)
You may also need some stickers to stick onto the back of the sand paper (or paper and pritt) if there is lots
of writing on that side, so that you have space to write your own stuff.
Small rubber bands (we didn't discover this till afterwards) . We tried taping them together but then they come undone...
oops! (which just proves that testing creative prayer ideas first is always a good idea)

These are the instructions we put on the slide.
Lent, like new year, is a time when we can make resolutions.
We can use it as a chance to get closer to God. Like Jesus
did when he was in the desert.

If you wish, think of something you might like to do this Lent.
Spending more time with God?
Taking up some new practice? Doing something to help someone else?
Taking “time-out” from something you feel is getting in the way?

Then write your resolution or resolutions on the back of the sandpaper.
Roll the paper into a tube, and fasten with a rubber-band to make a kind of sculpture.
Put your initials somewhere on the outside so you can recognise yours later.
Then place near the communion table as a sign that you are offering that thing to God.

At the end of the service you can collect your desert sculpture and take it home
to place somewhere as a reminder to yourself of your resolutions.