Thursday, April 07, 2005


Last Sunday's bible reading was about Thomas, his doubts, and Jesus showing him his scars. Our team designed a prayer
idea based on this. These words were up on the wall....
Show me your scars
I have shown you mine
I have let you touch them
Tell me where it still hurts
The scar from long ago
Or the more recent wound
Let me see *your* hands
Let me see inside your side
Into your heartbreak
Into your memories
Let me heal your pain.
Then we invited everyone who wished to, to take a piece of paper and a pencil and write their scars and hurts as a prayer. When they'd finished the prayer we asked them to fold the paper and place at the bottom of a small plant-pot, putting soil on top of it, and then planting a pea seed over it. We then asked everyone who had done one, to take it home in a freezer bag (so the soil didn't spill) and as they watered their pea seed every day, to pray for the other people's scars and hurts.

Peas grow quite quickly, so hopefully there will be little green shoots of hope and new life popping up soon in the plant pots!