Saturday, February 26, 2005

CTBI week

Had a really interesting week in Swanwick at a CTBI gathering. I was running a labyrinth there with some installations on the life of Jesus in the prayer zone. Sorry I never brought a camera with me, so can't show you pictures. But the prayer rooms looked brilliant and I really enjoyed the worship stuff which was organised by Alison Adam which had an Iona feel to it, and which was atmospheric and interactive in many ways. I felt surprisingly at home really. The food at Swanwick is utterly brilliant (in fact I daren't weigh myself now!) and I very much enjoyed meeting lots of leaders from different churches.Anyway while I was there I noticed that in the chapel they had lots and lots of tiles for tealights. Tealights, though lovely, can be a bit of a pain from the fire hazard point of view, as they get very hot underneath and I have known of people setting fire to wooden tables by leaving them for a while. Its impressive to watch!! Anyway these ordinary bathroom tiles seemed a great solution to the problem, and they can be tesselated any way you choose. Into a cross, a labyrinth, or any other shape you wish, and easily removed afterwards. Cool!